The project “YEAR – Youth Education and Activism for Refugees’ and Migrants’ Rights” aims at supporting the involvement of young people, students and activists from different European countries and backgrounds in projects of solidarity with migrants and refugees. It also promotes collaboration, exchange of know-how and networking between European grassroots organizations and young people involved in the field of protection of the rights of migrants and refugees. Through education, mobility, research and networking activities, the project promotes the active citizenship of young people with the aim of building a more just and inclusive society for both EU citizens, migrants and refugees.

“Grassroots activism & lawyering for migrants’ rights” is a free international online training programme designed to give young people and activists across Europe the practical knowledge needed to get involved in grassroots projects in support and solidariy with migrants and asylum seekers. 

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This open-access interactive map allows you to find existing grassroots legal clinics and initiatives of legal support for migrants and refugees across Europe. The aim is to provide grassroots organizations and young activists with a tool to network, increase their activities’ impact and build new alliances for a more just society.
If you are involved in a grassroots initiative of legal support or starting a new one, get in touch with us to add it to the map!